Entry #1

I need an idea??

2008-01-11 07:46:33 by blakem5

I don't know why I'm writing this since no one will come to my site and read it. But anywho I need a new idea for a cartoon, if you have any idead please tell me.


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2008-01-11 11:52:48

I just watched your flash and while scanning on the blog section I just happened to pop up in here. I might as well suggest some ideas:

-A flash that features a story about your character, Elroy:

You could use some fantasy themes and such, maybe like Elroy the puppet became alive just like Pinocchio or something and goes on some unique adventures.

- A flash movie that relates to something that you really like or you think haven't been done in Newgrounds yet:

For example, if you like cats, you might want to make an animation on cats walking around the house or their daily lives, etc.

Well, I hope that helps abit :D